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Kohei the Juggler is an expert in his field, captivating audiences with an array of astonishing tricks and a stylish performance that showcases his mastery and artistry.


Get ready to be mesmerized by his dazzling show!


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photo by SATOYA
photo by SATOYA

Kohei is a traditional juggler based in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan, actively performing in street performance festivals nationwide.


He specialize in club juggling, showcasing his expertise in this particular skill.



2003: Fortuitously encountered juggling and became deeply engrossed in it.


2006: Apprenticed with the 'Pantomime Unit Toy Theater,' primarily active in Sapporo.


2007: Commenced activities as 'Kohei the Juggler'.


2016: Took a leap to performing across various locations within Japan.


2018: Obtained the official performance license 'Heaven Artist Tokyo' from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government


2023: Obtained the official performance license 'Atsugi Street Performance License' from Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.


2024: Japan Club Carnival Competition: First place in the senior division

My performances are typically structured for a duration of 30 minutes.

For street performances, I often require approximately 40 minutes, which includes preparation time.

However, I can certainly adjust the duration as needed.


Ideally, I require a minimum space of approximately 4 meters on each side for the performance area.

I can perform both indoors and outdoors.

For indoor venues, a ceiling height of approximately 3 meters is required.

Outdoor performances may be subject to changes based on weather conditions.


When I perform, I always play background music and use a wireless microphone.

It would be greatly appreciated if the necessary equipment for these could be provided, but I can also bring basic equipment if needed.


I am capable of speaking basic English apart from Japanese.

During my performances, although I don’t speak much, I engage in rich communication with the audience through pantomime skills, gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions.




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